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Who will win Semi Final Wimbledon 2019?

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will play each other at Wimbledon  in the semi-finals 2019. for the first time since 2008, which is considered one of the greatest matches in tennis history. In 2008, Nadal won 9-7 in the fifth set against Federer in a rain-affected final that spanned nearly seven hours.
One day before Wimbledon 2019 Semi Final in the Sports  Astrology section of the Astrologers' Community forum  I saw a post from a member, "dave3"  with this question:

"Who will win Semi Final Wimbledon 2019 -  R. Nadal vs R. Federer? I am a fan of R. Federer and want R. Federer to win it." 

As "dave3" did not post a chart for his question, I cast the chart for the date, place and time when I understood his question:
11 Jul 2019 TZ = -2.0 4.1100 P.M. 20e29 44n48  ASC=24Sco49

After looking at the chart, I post this my analyse on the same day:

As you are Federer's fan, he is represented with 1st house ruler Mars. Nadal, as his opponent, is represented with a 7th house ruler, Venus. Venus is Under Sun's Beam - quite debilitated.
Dignities are in Mars/ Federer favor. Next, Mars antiscion is just on 7th house cusp, that means Nadal is under Federer's control. Next, Mars has applying aspect with APOF which helps Mars/Federer. So, I think
Federer will win.

After one day...

On 12. Jul. 2019 on the http://www.tennis.com website you could read the following:
R. Federer reaches 12th Wimbledon final after defeating  Nadal in four sets - 7- 6 (3), 1- 6, 6- 3, 6- 4.  He defeated Nadal for the sixth time in seven meetings, ending his previous 0 - 4 record in major semifinals versus the Spaniard.

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