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Will Dinamo beat Young Boys?

Dinamo Zagreb look to hold off Young Boys in the Champions League playoffs. After a 1-1 draw in the first leg, the stage is set for a great final showdown between Croatian champions Dinamo Zagreb and Swiss champions Young Boys.
Three days before the match on Aug. 25. 2018. in the Horary section of the  Forum.hr  I saw this post from the member, "ivanstalker":

"I have a question ... whether Dinamo beat Young Boys and thus qualify for the group stage of the Champions League for the 2018-2019 season? "

Here are the data for the chart cast for the date, place and time when  "ivanstalker" asked the question:
25. Aug. 2018, 1:27pm, 18e24 45n40 TZ= -2  ASC=25Sco24

After looking at the chart, I post this my analyse on the same day:

As "ivanstalker"  strongly identifies with his team, Dinamo Zagreb, Dinamo Zagreb is represented with the ruler of the 1st house, retrograde Mars. Young Boys, as their opponent,  are represented by 7th house ruler, Venus.
Mars is retrograde and Moon is Void of Course. A Void of Course Moon in a horary chart suggests that the matter will come to nothing. So, there  is no progress for Dinamo. If we look for dignities, the differences in accidental and essential dignities are in favor of a Young Boys ruler, Venus, another bad testimony for Dinamo. So, Dinamo will not qualify for the group stage of the Champions League 2018-2019 season.

After the match...

On 28. Aug. 2018. on the https://sport.blic.rs   website you could read the following:
"Players from Dinamo Zagreb failed to qualify for the group stage of the Champions League since in the second leg on the "Maksimir" they lost from Young Boys 2 : 1.
Izet Hajrovic, Dinamo's player, in the 7th min scored a goal for his team! But in the second half Guilherme Orau, the player of the Young Boys, in 64 and 66 minutes turned the score to 2 : 1 for Young Boys!"
Tags: champions league, dinamo zagreb, young boys
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