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Will Hamilton win the Spanish Grand Prix on 14th May 2017?

On 30. April 2017., "dbozics", member of the Astrologers' Community Forum in the Sports Astrology section, asked this question:

Will  Hamilton win the Spanish Grand Prix on 14th May 2017?

I cast the horary chart for the moment I read his question:

Chart Data:  30 Apr 2017    TZ = -2.0      8.3400 P.M.   20e29    44n48 ASC=21SCo21

After looking at the chart, I post this my analyse:
As you are Hamilton's fan, he gets 1st house ruler Mars, which is by dignities stronger from Venus and Mars is fast while Venus/Hamilton's opponents is slow which is again strong testimony for Hamilton win, because F1 is a sport where victory is determined entirely by speed! Next, Mercury, ruler of the 10th house/success is in mutual reception with Hamillton's ruler Mars, one more testimony he will win (Lilly says, 'The use of this [mutual reception] is much; for many times when as the effecting of a matter is denied by the Aspects, or when the significators have no Aspect to each other...yet if mutual reception happens between the principal significators, the thing is brought to pass, and that without any great trouble, and suddenly to the content of both parties.' ).

Tomorrow  "dbozics" post:
Great analysis  and thanks for sharing . Bookies have Vettel as favourite.

After 2 weeks...

On 14. May. 2017. on the website you could read the following:

Lewis Hamilton defeats Sebastian Vettel in thrilling Spanish GP

Lewis Hamilton won a thrilling battle with Sebastian Vettel to triumph in the Spanish Grand Prix and close the gap to his rival  in the Formula 1 drivers' standings.

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Always spot on Fensi✌️️

Hi Fensi, we need your input on the champions league final game
pozdrav :)

Hvala na odgovor Fensi, pa bilo mi cudno da nisi odgovorila na forum. Pa cuj razumim tvoju situacije

Znam 100% da Real igra u purple/purple, Juve u crno/belo i da Juventus je domacin (home).

Neznam sta da jos dodam, nadam da ovaj info ce ti olaksati prognozu 😎.

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