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Will the Portugal beat France in today's final of Euro 2016?

France take on Portugal in the Euro 2016 final on Sunday night aiming to win a European Championship on home soil for the second time.

They face a Portuguese side looking to win their first major tournament, having lost 1-0 to Greece in their only other appearance in a European Championship final, in 2004.

Will the Portugal beat France in today's final of Euro 2016?

This was the question that "ivanstalker", member of the  forum asked  in horary section 7 hours before the match kick-off. He said also that he is Portugal's fan and that he would like that Ronaldo finally win the European Championship! He also sent data when he asked the question and here are the data:

10. July 2016. 1:28pm, Belisce, Croatia  ASC= 22Lib00

35min later, after looking at the chart  I post this my prediction: According to this chart Portugal will win!!
Portugal is represented by the ruler of the 1st house (the ASC ruler) which is Venus in Cancer. This is because of the supporter's identification with them! (I am Portugal's fan).
To win is a 10th house matter, the ruler is Moon in Libra. We need unobstructed applying aspect between the rulers for  the "Yes" answer, but here we do not have it. But, Venus and Moon are in mutual reception by sign!!  Lilly said: "When the significators have no aspect to each other...yet if mutual reception happen betwixt the principal significators, the thing is brought to pass, and that without any great trouble, and suddenly to the content of both parties." So, my prediction is that Portugal will win!!
One more testimony that France will not win is the fact that  Moon/Victory is in Mars's detriment, so, Victory does not "like"  France!

After the match

On 10. July.  2016. after the  match, at the website you could read the following:

Portugal beat France to win Euro 2016 through Eder goal

Portugal recovered from the loss of Cristiano Ronaldo to a knee injury to beat France 1- 0 in extra time and win the European Championship! Eder's goal proved to be the winner as Portugal claimed their first major title!

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Amazing as usual :) Well Done

Ehab Atari

Re: Amazing as usual

Thanks Ehab Atari!
The event chart for this match was so contradictory, so I was not sure who will win. But charts upon the question, as in this case, is much easier to analyse and they are more accurate, but only if querent who ask the question is a huge fan of the team he ask about.

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