February 25th, 2019


If you bet, be careful!

Before  you bet,  just check out if the result of the event chart is the same if kickoff time late for 2-3 minutes!

Here is what happens in Super Bowl 53! This was match between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams. Kickoff time for this match was 6:30pm.

Data chart for the kickoff  time 6:30pm:
3 Feb 2019, 6:30pm Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, Georgia ASC=19Leo46

My prediction was: As Patriots will wear white kit they are represented by the ASC ruler Sun.
Dignities are on Saturn/Rams side. Next, Saturn is on fortunate fixed star Vega and Sabian Symbol for the 19Aq46 means: Blessings delivered - all will be well. Celebration!
If we look for the Moon's aspects in the next 5 degrees, we see there is only one and that is opposition with POF and that is testimony that DSC team/Rams will win!

But, kickoff  time late 2 minutes!

Here is the  chart  for the kickoff  time 6:32pm ASC=20Leo11

Now, we  do not have Moon's aspects in next 5 degrees, so that is as Moon is VOC which means favorite wins or draw. Because this is final match it cannot be draw, so favorite wins. As Patriots were favorite they won 13-3!

Interesting, for this  kickoff  time Sabian Symbol for DSC team/Rams tells: Feeling like all is lost. Not seeing the joy and beauty in your life.

So, as you see, 2 minutes can change result!