December 26th, 2018


Will Mohamed Salah win the Ballon d'Or this year?

4 months before FIFA's awards ceremony for the  Best Men's Player 2018 in the Sports  Astrology section of the Astrologers' Community forum  I saw a post from a member, "werdhr12", a huge fan of Mohamed Salah, with a question:

"Will Mohamed Salah win the Ballon d'Or this year?"

As "werdhr12" did not post a chart for his question, I cast the chart for the date, place and time when I understood his question:
25 May 2018 TZ = -2.0 6.5900 A.M. 20e29 44n48 ASC=3Can08

On the same day I post this my analyse: As you are Salah's fan than he is represented by peregrine and VOC Moon, his opponents are represented with Saturn rx in its own sign. Dignities are in slight favor for Saturn rx. So, it seems to me, the answer on your question is No.

After 4 months...

On 25.Sep.2018 on the website you could read the following:

Best Fifa Football Awards 2018: Luka Modric named men's player of the year.
The Croatian/Luka Modric beat Mohamed Salah and Cristiano Ronaldo to become the first player other than Ronaldo and Lionel Messi to win since Kaka in 2007.