November 4th, 2018


Will McLaren-Hodna with driver Alonso be the winner of the F1 championship in next 2-3 years?

On Sep. 5. 2015. in the Horary section of the Astrologers' Community Forum I saw this post from a member, "Nightfall":

I want to see the prospects of McLaren-Honda for championship with driver Alonso. Will McLaren-Hodna with Alonso be the winner of the F1 championship in next 2 - 3 years? Or will it be a total disaster for the team? I am a fan of Alonso.

Here are the data for the chart cast for the date, place and time when  "Nightfall" asked the question:
5.Sep.2015, 8:04pm, Thessaloniki, GRC,  ASC=18Pi38

After looking at the chart, I post this my analyse on the same day:

A situation in which the querent is not personally involved but has a strong sympathy and inclination, then use the 1st house to represent the party the querent favours and supports. So, McLaren-Hodna/Alonso are represented with 1st house ruler, Jupiter. Unfortunately Jupiter is combust, in detriment and peregrine, could it be worse? You must know that the combustion of any Planet is the greatest misfortune that can be.  And with that South Node in 1st house I would not expect that McLaren-Hodna with Alonso be the  winner of the F1 championship in next 2 - 3 years.

After 3 years:

This is my prediction with the longest interval (3 YEAR) before it became known that it is correct!!
On 11. Sep. 2018.  on the website you can see the list of F1 World Drivers' Champions by season.

Here is the table of F1 World Drivers' Champions by season 2015, 2016, 2017.