Will the Portugal beat France in today's final of Euro 2016?

France take on Portugal in the Euro 2016 final on Sunday night aiming to win a European Championship on home soil for the second time.

They face a Portuguese side looking to win their first major tournament, having lost 1-0 to Greece in their only other appearance in a European Championship final, in 2004.

Will the Portugal beat France in today's final of Euro 2016?

This was the question that "ivanstalker", member of the  forum asked  in horary section 7 hours before the match kick-off. He said also that he is Portugal's fan and that he would like that Ronaldo finally win the European Championship! He also sent data when he asked the question and here are the data:

10. July 2016. 1:28pm, Belisce, Croatia  ASC= 22Lib00

35min later, after looking at the chart  I post this my prediction: According to this chart Portugal will win!!
Portugal is represented by the ruler of the 1st house (the ASC ruler) which is Venus in Cancer. This is because of the supporter's identification with them! (I am Portugal's fan).
To win is a 10th house matter, the ruler is Moon in Libra. We need unobstructed applying aspect between the rulers for  the "Yes" answer, but here we do not have it. But, Venus and Moon are in mutual reception by sign!!  Lilly said: "When the significators have no aspect to each other...yet if mutual reception happen betwixt the principal significators, the thing is brought to pass, and that without any great trouble, and suddenly to the content of both parties." So, my prediction is that Portugal will win!!
One more testimony that France will not win is the fact that  Moon/Victory is in Mars's detriment, so, Victory does not "like"  France!

After the match

On 10. July.  2016. after the  match, at the website you could read the following:

Portugal beat France to win Euro 2016 through Eder goal

Portugal recovered from the loss of Cristiano Ronaldo to a knee injury to beat France 1- 0 in extra time and win the European Championship! Eder's goal proved to be the winner as Portugal claimed their first major title!

The Champions League 2016 final - Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid

For the second time in UEFA Champions League history, Real Madrid will face off against Atletico Madrid in an all-Madrid final in Milan on Saturday.
The stakes could not be any higher for either side – Real face a chance to achieve immortality with a record 11th European title win, while Atletico will be desperate to avenge the cruel defeat of 2014, having been only minutes away from victory before Sergio Ramos’ equaliser.

Who will win this match?

Here are data for the event chart:

28. May 2016 8:45pm, Milan, Italy, ASC=5SAg47

4,5 hours before the match, I left prediction on the "Astrologers Community" forum that Real Madrid will win if they   play in white kit.
As Real's sport kit is white, then DSC ruler Mercury in the fixed sign represents them. ASC ruler Jupiter is in the mutable sign, so fits with 2 colors of the Atletico Madrid's kit!
 What I first noticed looking at the chart data is that the Point of the Victory is on  the 04Gem38, so close to DSC, that is clear testimony that DSC team/Real Madrid will win!  But never judge a chart on only one testimony. Search for more! Be creative!
Next I noticed that ASC ruler which represent Atletico Madrid is in Mercury's sign and exaltation! This means that  the Atletico Madrid team thinks that Real Madrid is a much better team, but with that attitude, it is more likely that Atletico Madrid will not win.

After the match

On 28. May. 2016. after the  match, at the website you could read the following:

Real Madrid win Champions League on penalties against Atletico

Real Madrid won a record-extending 11th European Cup, beating Atlético Madrid 5-3 on penalties, with Cristiano Ronaldo hitting the winning spot-kick at San Siro after a 1-1 draw.

Villarreal vs Liverpool

Liverpool are looking to reach their first European final since 2007 when they play Villarreal in the Europa League semi-final first leg on Thursday night.

Jurgen Klopp's side travel to El Madrigal, but the German has not won a UEFA game in Spain before. He will be looking to put that record straight to try and lead Liverpool to the Europa League title in Basel.

Meanwhile, Villarreal head coach Marcelino can boast about his side's very strong home record throughout their Europa League campaign. 'The Yellow Submarine' have won every game in Europe at El Madrigal, conceding just one goal.

Who will win this match?

Here are data for the event chart:

28. Apr. 2016,  9:05pm, Villarreal, Spain, ASC=12Sco19

2 minutes before the match I left this my prediction on “Astrodienst”  forum:
As Villarreal’s home kit is yellow, using color method I would assign them DSC and ruler Venus. (For Zodiacal Planets and Color please visit this page: I saw on UEFA site that Liverpool will play in their home kit which is red color, so that fits with Scirpio on ASC and ruler Mars. The Moon is in Capricorn sign and its ruler is retrograde which usually leads to draw result  if we do not have any other strong testimony, but here we have!! That is Moon’s opposition with POF (within next 5 degrees) which is a strong testimony of the DSC team's victory! So, I expect that Villarreal will win!

After the match

On 28. Apr. 2016. after the  match, at the website you could read the following:

Villarreal stole a victory with the last kick of the game against Liverpool as they prevailed 1-0 in the first leg of their UEFA Europa League semi-final match at El Madrigal in a dull affair in Spain on Thursday.

Real Madrid vs Roma

Real Madrid CF host AS Roma in the second leg of their UEFA Champions League round of 16 tie in pole position to reach the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals for the sixth season in a row, and end a long losing streak against Italian opponents.
Their previous match took place on 17.02.2016 resulting in a 0:2 victory in favour of Real Madrid.  With a 2 goal deficit, Luciano Spalletti's men face a nearly insurmountable task, overcoming that deficit on the road against one of the strongest teams in the world.

Who will be the winner in this match: Real Madrid or Roma?

Chart Data: 8. Mar. 2016. 8:45pm, Madrid, Spain, ASC=7Li34

This is my prediction that I post in a horary section of the  FORUM.HR - forum 8 days before the match:

As Real's sport kit is white, ASC  ruler Venus represents them. Roma is therefore represented with DSC ruler Mars. If we look dignities they do not differ too much and with Combust Moon and its retrograde dispositor we can expect draw result. But with that POF near ASC and the fact that Venus is in House of Joy it is more likely that Real Madrid will win!

After the match

On 8. Mar. 2016. after the  match, at the website you could read the following:

Real Madrid moved through to the last eight of the UEFA Champions League with a 2-0 home win over AS Roma, giving them a 4-0 aggregate victory.

Always check out Antiscions!
From these examples you will see how Antiscions are important if you want accurate forecast!
Here are charts for two matches that played last evening:

Everton 3- 0 Newcastle Chart data: 3. Feb. 2016 Kick-off 19:45h
Watford 0- 0 Chelsea  Chart data: 3. Feb. 2016 Kick-off 19:45h

height="339"Click 2x on charts  to enlarge them and look them closely!
As you see, all planets are in the same houses in both charts! But the result of matches was not the same! So, there must be some difference!
The only "thing" that is not the same in these two charts is placed of the  Mercury's Antiscion! Mercury here is important because it is the ruler of the ASC team.  Which team is ASC? Everton played in blue kit so that fits with the ruler of the DSC team, Jupiter. Jupiter is in conjunction with NNode that is positive testimony of DSC team win. ASC ruler is Mercury/white in Capricorn/black so that fits with a white/black kit which Newcastle wore in this match, so Newcastle is ASC team!
In Everton vs Newcastle chart Antiscion of the Mercury (10 SAG 51) is inside of the 4th house! You know, when a planet or its Antiscion is inside the house, it is under control of that house. As Mercury is also ruler of the 10th house, which is all about ability to score for Newcastle, that means that a Newcastle win is under Everton’s control! So Everton won!
But in chart Watford vs Chelsea Antiscion of the Mercury is just on 4th house cusp!!!  When a planet or its Antiscion is on the cusp of a particular house, it controls that house. So here, in this chart, that  means that the ASC team, Watford (because they played in yellow/black kit), controls the DSC's team's ability to score, and although DSC ruler was in conjunction with NNode DSC team could not win  and match end as a draw!

Will F. Alonso leave McLaren-Honda if the car isn't competitive for another team next year
On the 14. March 2015. in a Horary section of the Astrologers' Community" I saw this question of the member "Nightfall":

"Will Fernando Alonso  leave McLaren-Honda if the car isn't competitive for another  team next year?"

I cast the chart for the moment I understood his question:

14. Mar. 2015. 11:28am Beograd, Srbija, ASC=12Can50

My answer was:

Because you are huge Alonso's fan, Alonso is represented with the 1st house ruler Moon, peregrine, in detriment and in the unfortunate 6th house, a very debilitating position that indicates the person to be weak, powerless. His next team is represented with the ruler of the 2nd sign in 10th house, Mars. Moon square Mars, but after 15 degrees, that is out of orb, so the answer to your question is NO.

After 8,5 months, at the end of F1 2015 season...

On 5. Dec. 2015. on the you could see this table:  "2016 Formula 1 teams" and read this:

"Fernando Alonso says that scoring podiums must be the minimum target for McLaren-Honda during the second year of its partnership in 2016. Alonso, who has not finished on the podium since mid-2014, says returning to the top three positions is a requirement for 2016. Next year, he said,  is definitely going to be a much, much better year and our intention is to fight for the championship or, at the minimum, fight for podiums."

Euro 2016 Qualifiers – Cyprus vs Bosnia

Cyprus know they must win this match and hope that Israel do not cause a shock against Belgium, if they want to claim the play-off spot in Group B. Bosnia can draw this match, if Israel fail to defeat Belgium and still go through but if Israel win, Bosnia must also win to keep third place and enter the play-offs. Odss for this match are: Cyprus 4.00, draw 3.30, Bosnia 1.90.

Who will win this match?"

Chart Data: 13. Oct. 2015.  9.45 p.m. Nicosia, Cyprus ASC=24Ge47

One day before the match I left this my prediction on “Astrologija za pocetnike”  forum:
The Moon is VOC, that means draw or favorite wins. But, with Antiscion of Fortuna (APOF) on 26Gem46 so close to  ASC I do not think it will end as a draw. When APOF is close to ASC that means ASC team will win, and because the Moon is VOC I expect Bosnia/favorite to win!

After the match

On 13. Oct.  2015. after the  match, at the website you could read the following:

Cyprus 2-3 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia earned a play-off spot that keeps alive their UEFA EURO 2016 qualification bid as two strikes from Haris Medunjanin and another from Milan Djuric killed off Cyprus's hopes of progress despite goals from Nestor Mytidis and Constantinos Charalambides.

Juventus vs Sevilla FC

Juventus and Sevilla FC are both looking to build on winning starts in UEFA Champions League Group D when they meet for the first time in Turin on matchday two on 30. Sep. 2015..
Juve beat Manchester City 2-1 in their opening Champions League fixture.
Sevilla started their Champions League campaign with a 3-0 win over Borussia Monchengladbach and they are aware of how big a step towards the knockout stages they can take with a win in Turin.

"Who will win?"

Chart Data: 30. Sep. 2015.  8.45 p.m. Turin, Italy ASC=18Ta55

Two days before the match I left this my prediction on Made in forum:

Here we have a very interesting event chart. Juventus play in black/ white jersey, and using  the color method they are represented by DSC ruler, Mars in mutable sign (two colors), and Seville is represented by ASC  ruler Venus. If we look at Moon's aspects within the next 5 degrees, we have no significant testimonies. But we have Venus trine POF, and Mars trine APOF. So we have one proof of victory for both teams. Since we do not have the Moon's aspects within the next 5 degrees, it is the same as the Moon is VOC which means the favorite wins or draw. Favorite is Juventus (1.95) (Draw (3.6) Sevilla (4.5)).  In this chart Part of Victory  is on 04Vir28, that means  Mars will conjunct it, so my prediction is that Juventus will win.

After the match

On 30. Sep 2015. after the  match, at the  website you could read the following:

Juventus make easy work of Sevilla!

Juventus saw off Sevilla 2-0 on Wednesday in Turin thanks to goals from Alvaro Morata and Simone Zaza in a sleepy but professional show that took them top of Group D in the UEFA Champions League.

If you bet...

If you bet and if you use color method in analysing event chart  be careful! Why?
Because home team in 99,99% wear home kit, but away team sometimes wear away kit, sometimes wear home kit, sometimes wear 3rd kit. So if you do not want to lose your money,  wait start of the match to be sure what kits teams wear and then bet.
For example, last night France plays an  international friendly match against Serbia. As I am from Serbia I was interested if Serbia will win and analyse event chart.

Chart Data: 7. Sep. 2015. 8:45pm Bordeaux, France ASC= 24Pi40

I thought Serbia will wear away kit which is all white color and perfectly fits with the ruler of DSC Mercury/white in Libra/white. And when I saw last Moon's aspect (within next 5 degrees) is to Mercury by antiscia I was so happy, that means Serbia will win!
But when the match started, I saw Serbia wear home kit (?), which is red/blue, (see pic below!), so, that means they are represented with the ruler of the ASC, Jupiter, which is in connection with red/blue color and I said:"Oh, no, Serbia will lose..." And so it happened!

After the match

On 7. Sep 2015. after the  match, at the  website you could read the following:

France vs. Serbia, International Friendly

France beat Serbia 2-1 in an entertaining international friendly on Monday, with all the goals coming in the first half.

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What about the accident of Jules Bianchi, will he recover from this crash?

Formula One driver, Jules Bianchi, crashed at the Japanese Grand Prix on 5.Oct.2014.  The 25-year-old Marussia driver collides with a recovery vehicle after German Adrian Sutil had skidded into a wall on lap 43 at Suzuka. The Marussia driver underwent surgery after suffering a severe head injury, the FIA said at the time. He was attended to by a medical team on the track and then taken to Mie General Medical Center by ambulance less than 10 miles away from the Suzuka circuit. It was not possible to take the driver by helicopter because of torrential rain.

What about the accident of Jules Bianchi,  will he recover from this crash?

This question I saw in the Sports Astrology section of the "Astrologers' Community " Forum on 14.Oct .2014.   from member "Nightfall".
I cast the chart for a moment I understood his question.

Chart Data: 14. Oct. 2014. 2:41pm Beograd, Srbija ASC= 0Aq13

After looking at the chart, on the same day, I left this my prediction:
It depends if you are his fan or not.
If you are his fan, then his ruler is Saturn in 9th house, which fits with the situation, he is in a foreign country right now. His ruler has no applying aspect with 8th house (death) ruler, Mercury rx, and does not have aspect with the ruler of the Part of Death, Mars, so he will survive.
But if you are not his fan, then he gets 7th house ruler, Sun in the fall, and because the Sun has applying aspect with Mercury rx/ruler of the radical 8th house and also with the ruler of the Part of Death, Mars, that means he will not survive.
Tomorrow "Nightfall" post that he is not his fan.

After 9 months...

On 18th July 2015., at the website you could read the following:

Jules Bianchi dies from injuries sustained in 2014 crash

Formula One driver Jules Bianchi died early Saturday in a French hospital from head injuries sustained in a crash at last year's Japanese Grand Prix. He was 25.


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