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Very interesting chart...

Wales host Serbia (my country!) in a crunch World Cup 2018 qualifier on Saturday, November 12, with the European Champions' semi-finalists currently in third spot, with Serbia sitting pretty on top. The British side have a dismal record against Serbia and will be looking to dispel their ghosts and secure their qualification for the event in Russia.

Here are the data for the event chart of this match:
12. Nov. 2016, 7:45pm, Cardiff, Wales, ASC=15Can30

In cases where the Moon is Lord 1 or 7,  John Frawley's Sports Astrology, advises us to take the Moon's dispositor for that team  so that we can  use the Moon as the flow of events in the game. But Moon is VOC! That means we can expect favorite wins or draw.
As Moon's dispositor is Mars that is ruler of the ASC team and Saturn is the ruler of the DSC team. I check out accidental and essential dignities for both rulers and they were the same!!! That  means the match will end as a draw!!
But then I saw Saturn go to conjunct POF within 5 degrees. That is strong testimony that DSC team will win! I was confused! But then I saw that Pluto right on DSC and I was relieved! Pluto has powerful destructive effect if placed directly on relevant cusp! So, DSC team can not win, everything fits for draw result!

After the match

On 12.Nov. 2016 after the  match, at the website you could read the following:

Wales 1-1 Serbia

Serbia's Aleksandar Mitrovic condemned Wales to their third straight draw in World Cup qualifying, equalising five minutes from time to nab a 1-1 draw on Saturday.


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