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The Champions League 2016 final - Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid

For the second time in UEFA Champions League history, Real Madrid will face off against Atletico Madrid in an all-Madrid final in Milan on Saturday.
The stakes could not be any higher for either side – Real face a chance to achieve immortality with a record 11th European title win, while Atletico will be desperate to avenge the cruel defeat of 2014, having been only minutes away from victory before Sergio Ramos’ equaliser.

Who will win this match?

Here are data for the event chart:

28. May 2016 8:45pm, Milan, Italy, ASC=5SAg47

4,5 hours before the match, I left prediction on the "Astrologers Community" forum that Real Madrid will win if they   play in white kit.
As Real's sport kit is white, then DSC ruler Mercury in the fixed sign represents them. ASC ruler Jupiter is in the mutable sign, so fits with 2 colors of the Atletico Madrid's kit!
 What I first noticed looking at the chart data is that the Point of the Victory is on  the 04Gem38, so close to DSC, that is clear testimony that DSC team/Real Madrid will win!  But never judge a chart on only one testimony. Search for more! Be creative!
Next I noticed that ASC ruler which represent Atletico Madrid is in Mercury's sign and exaltation! This means that  the Atletico Madrid team thinks that Real Madrid is a much better team, but with that attitude, it is more likely that Atletico Madrid will not win.

After the match

On 28. May. 2016. after the  match, at the website you could read the following:

Real Madrid win Champions League on penalties against Atletico

Real Madrid won a record-extending 11th European Cup, beating Atlético Madrid 5-3 on penalties, with Cristiano Ronaldo hitting the winning spot-kick at San Siro after a 1-1 draw.

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mutual reception

Hi G.

there is mutual reception of merc/venus with ve on 7th cusp..
i think this is positive testimony for real too...

Re: mutual reception

Yes, that is important for dignities which is in Mercury's favor.


its funny, when u draw the chart for the 1-1 equalizer, u will notice uranus right on 4th cusp.. which is almost a guarantee that real will concede in this very moment :)

Uranus is not right on 4th cusp it is in 4th house which means there are posibility for more goals/penalties!

Point Of Victory

Is the Point of Victory fixed?

How do you know where it is?

Re: Point Of Victory

I have AstroWin astrology program (free) which calculates Arabian Parts (130 parts)by itself and list them under "data-natal-arabian parts".

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