Will Hamilton win the Spanish Grand Prix on 14th May 2017?

On 30. April 2017., "dbozics", member of the Astrologers' Community Forum in the Sports Astrology section, asked this question:

Will  Hamilton win the Spanish Grand Prix on 14th May 2017?

I cast the horary chart for the moment I read his question:

Chart Data:  30 Apr 2017    TZ = -2.0      8.3400 P.M.   20e29    44n48 ASC=21SCo21

After looking at the chart, I post this my analyse:
As you are Hamilton's fan, he gets 1st house ruler Mars, which is by dignities stronger from Venus and Mars is fast while Venus/Hamilton's opponents is slow which is again strong testimony for Hamilton win, because F1 is a sport where victory is determined entirely by speed! Next, Mercury, ruler of the 10th house/success is in mutual reception with Hamillton's ruler Mars, one more testimony he will win (Lilly says, 'The use of this [mutual reception] is much; for many times when as the effecting of a matter is denied by the Aspects, or when the significators have no Aspect to each other...yet if mutual reception happens between the principal significators, the thing is brought to pass, and that without any great trouble, and suddenly to the content of both parties.' ).

Tomorrow  "dbozics" post:
Great analysis  and thanks for sharing . Bookies have Vettel as favourite.

After 2 weeks...

On 14. May. 2017. on the website you could read the following:

Lewis Hamilton defeats Sebastian Vettel in thrilling Spanish GP

Lewis Hamilton won a thrilling battle with Sebastian Vettel to triumph in the Spanish Grand Prix and close the gap to his rival  in the Formula 1 drivers' standings.

Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspur

This is a big game for both these sides' respective seasons. Liverpool are out of the title race now and they've done an Arsenal, going out of everything in the space of two weeks. If they're not careful they could be out of the race for the top four - they have to win!
A Tottenham Hotspur defeat would more or less hand the title to Chelsea but could put Spurs' own aspirations at risk. If they lose and the other teams win, all of a sudden they're in a battle for the top four. It can change that quickly.
Liverpool have to win and Tottenham have to make sure
they don't lose!

Chart Data: 11.Feb.2017., Liverpool, 17:30,  ASC=26Le49

After looking at the chart, I post this my prediction in the horary section of the HoroscopeChat Forum 10h before the kickoff.

As Liverpool home kit is red they are represented with ASC and its ruler Sun. Tottenham Hotspur away kit is black so they are represented with DSC and ruler Saturn. The first and final Moon's aspect is opposition with POF(Remember: Moon's aspect with POF or APOF is FINAL), so according to Frawley that is strong testimony that Tottenham will win! But, if Tottenham Hotspur wear white kit then they are ASC and Liverpool is DSC and in that case Liverpool will win!
Note: Tottenham Hotspur wore white kit so as I predicted Liverpool won!

After the match

On 11.Feb.2017. on the  website you could read the following:

Liverpool 2 - 0 Tottenham Hotspur

Mane's quickfire double downs Spurs
The Senegal striker was twice on the scoresheet in the opening minutes to put the tie beyond the reach of Tottenham Hotspur.
Sadio Mane was the hero as Liverpool recorded their first Premier League win of 2017 with a 2-0 victory over a Tottenham side whose title ambitions were left floundering.

Arsenal vs Watford

Arsenal host Watford at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday evening.
Arsenal have won their last seven league matches against Watford, netting 19 goals in the process (2.7 per game).
Watford haven't won a non-weekend Premier League game since April 2007! Watford start the game in 14th spot, eight points clear of the relegation zone.
Betting Odds for this match were: Arsenal: 0,2 Watford: 11!

Who will win this match?

Here are the data for the event chart of this match:

31.Jan.2017. 7:45pm, London, ASC=14Vi00

As we see, the Moon is VOC! That means if there are not other
significant applying aspects (between rulers and POF or APOF) it
will be draw or favorite/Arsenal wins. But I always check out Part of Victory to see if it is close to ASC or DSC that indicate a victory for that team! Or if there is some applying aspect between L1 or L7 with Part of Victory! And if I find the aspect with Part of Victory that eliminate draw result! And in this chart I found it! Part of Victory in this chart is on 21Vi45 and ruler of the ASC, Mercury goes to trine it!! That means ASC team will win! Which team is represented with ASC ruler? As you know I use color method to assign teams. As Watford kit is yellow/black that perfectly fits with Mercury/yellow in Capricorn/black, so, Watford is ASC team and will win this match!

After the match

On 31. Jan. 2017. on the website you could read the following:

Arsenal 1:2 Watford
Arsenal suffered a crushing blow in the Premier League title race as they lost 2-1 to Watford at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday.

Partizan vs Backa

Partizan is currently in second place in the Serbian Superleague standings with 32 points, and lapse from the C. Zvezda 6 points. Backa is on the penultimate place with only 11 points. Partizan lost from Backa at the beginning of the championship, but now who will win?

Here are the data for the event chart of this match:

19.Nov.2016. 3pm, Beograd, ASC=5Ta25

After looking at the chart, I post this my prediction in the horary section of the HoroscopeChat Forum at the start of the match:

I would assign Partizan to DSC and its ruler Mars because of their black/white sport kit and Backa to ASC because of their blue kit/Venus.

Within next 5 degrees only important Moon's aspect is opposition with Mars - that is testimony to the DSC team winning! Also POF in conjunction with Pluto one more testimony of DSC team wins!

Venus/Backa is on Fateful Degree which means the situation is out of the hands of the Backa. Next, Venus exalts Mars, this means that the Backa team thinks that Partizan is the better team, but with that attitude, it is more likely that Backa will not win.

So, all the testimony points that Partizan will win!

After the match

On 19. Nov. 2016. on the website you could read the following:

Partizan celebrated against Backa with Djurdjevic score!!

Partizan reaches victory in a difficult match against Backa team within the 16th round of Serbian Superleague with result 1:0.

Very interesting chart...

Wales host Serbia (my country!) in a crunch World Cup 2018 qualifier on Saturday, November 12, with the European Champions' semi-finalists currently in third spot, with Serbia sitting pretty on top. The British side have a dismal record against Serbia and will be looking to dispel their ghosts and secure their qualification for the event in Russia.

Here are the data for the event chart of this match:
12. Nov. 2016, 7:45pm, Cardiff, Wales, ASC=15Can30

In cases where the Moon is Lord 1 or 7,  John Frawley's Sports Astrology, advises us to take the Moon's dispositor for that team  so that we can  use the Moon as the flow of events in the game. But Moon is VOC! That means we can expect favorite wins or draw.
As Moon's dispositor is Mars that is ruler of the ASC team and Saturn is the ruler of the DSC team. I check out accidental and essential dignities for both rulers and they were the same!!! That  means the match will end as a draw!!
But then I saw Saturn go to conjunct POF within 5 degrees. That is strong testimony that DSC team will win! I was confused! But then I saw that Pluto right on DSC and I was relieved! Pluto has powerful destructive effect if placed directly on relevant cusp! So, DSC team can not win, everything fits for draw result!

After the match

On 12.Nov. 2016 after the  match, at the website you could read the following:

Wales 1-1 Serbia

Serbia's Aleksandar Mitrovic condemned Wales to their third straight draw in World Cup qualifying, equalising five minutes from time to nab a 1-1 draw on Saturday.

Fixed Star Antares...

Zaglebie (Pol) and Partizan (Srb) will play the 2nd leg of Europa League Qualifications Quarter-finals this Thursday starting with 9:0pm.
Partizan and Zaglebie played out a goalless draw in Belgrade in the Europa League second qualifying round, first leg, meaning that a close encounter is on the cards this time out. Both sides are eager to make it to round 3, but it remains to be seen who will book a ticket for the next round.

Here are the data for the event chart of this match:
 21. July 2016, 9:5pm, Lubin, Poland ASC=4Aq16

As Zaglebie's home kit is orange that fits with the ruler of the DSC-Sun. That means Partizan is represented by Saturn rx. Moon's last aspect within next 5 degrees is opposition with POF (that means DSC team wins), so, at the very start Zaglebie goes to the next round.
But lets see Partizan's ruler, Saturn rx. Differences in accidental and essential dignities are not very great. That usually means the match will end as a draw. But, Saturn is in close conjunction with  Fixed Star Antares (9º 47' Sagittarius) and that is sure sign, in this type of chart, that this match is the end of the competition for the Partizan! Antares is about closing down and cycles ending. And remember, we are concerned only with close conjunction to fixed star, no aspects.

After the match

On  21. July.  2016. after the  match, at the website you could read the following:

Zaglebie - Partizan 4:3 (0:0, 0:0)
Partizan was eliminated in the second qualifying round of the Europa League as they tonight in Lublin on penalties defeated by Zaglebie. After two matches and extra time there were no goals, but Zaglebie has won on penalties -  4 : 3.

Will the Portugal beat France in today's final of Euro 2016?

France take on Portugal in the Euro 2016 final on Sunday night aiming to win a European Championship on home soil for the second time.

They face a Portuguese side looking to win their first major tournament, having lost 1-0 to Greece in their only other appearance in a European Championship final, in 2004.

Will the Portugal beat France in today's final of Euro 2016?

This was the question that "ivanstalker", member of the  forum asked  in horary section 7 hours before the match kick-off. He said also that he is Portugal's fan and that he would like that Ronaldo finally win the European Championship! He also sent data when he asked the question and here are the data:

10. July 2016. 1:28pm, Belisce, Croatia  ASC= 22Lib00

35min later, after looking at the chart  I post this my prediction: According to this chart Portugal will win!!
Portugal is represented by the ruler of the 1st house (the ASC ruler) which is Venus in Cancer. This is because of the supporter's identification with them! (I am Portugal's fan).
To win is a 10th house matter, the ruler is Moon in Libra. We need unobstructed applying aspect between the rulers for  the "Yes" answer, but here we do not have it. But, Venus and Moon are in mutual reception by sign!!  Lilly said: "When the significators have no aspect to each other...yet if mutual reception happen betwixt the principal significators, the thing is brought to pass, and that without any great trouble, and suddenly to the content of both parties." So, my prediction is that Portugal will win!!
One more testimony that France will not win is the fact that  Moon/Victory is in Mars's detriment, so, Victory does not "like"  France!

After the match

On 10. July.  2016. after the  match, at the website you could read the following:

Portugal beat France to win Euro 2016 through Eder goal

Portugal recovered from the loss of Cristiano Ronaldo to a knee injury to beat France 1- 0 in extra time and win the European Championship! Eder's goal proved to be the winner as Portugal claimed their first major title!

The Champions League 2016 final - Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid

For the second time in UEFA Champions League history, Real Madrid will face off against Atletico Madrid in an all-Madrid final in Milan on Saturday.
The stakes could not be any higher for either side – Real face a chance to achieve immortality with a record 11th European title win, while Atletico will be desperate to avenge the cruel defeat of 2014, having been only minutes away from victory before Sergio Ramos’ equaliser.

Who will win this match?

Here are data for the event chart:

28. May 2016 8:45pm, Milan, Italy, ASC=5SAg47

4,5 hours before the match, I left prediction on the "Astrologers Community" forum that Real Madrid will win if they   play in white kit.
As Real's sport kit is white, then DSC ruler Mercury in the fixed sign represents them. ASC ruler Jupiter is in the mutable sign, so fits with 2 colors of the Atletico Madrid's kit!
 What I first noticed looking at the chart data is that the Point of the Victory is on  the 04Gem38, so close to DSC, that is clear testimony that DSC team/Real Madrid will win!  But never judge a chart on only one testimony. Search for more! Be creative!
Next I noticed that ASC ruler which represent Atletico Madrid is in Mercury's sign and exaltation! This means that  the Atletico Madrid team thinks that Real Madrid is a much better team, but with that attitude, it is more likely that Atletico Madrid will not win.

After the match

On 28. May. 2016. after the  match, at the website you could read the following:

Real Madrid win Champions League on penalties against Atletico

Real Madrid won a record-extending 11th European Cup, beating Atlético Madrid 5-3 on penalties, with Cristiano Ronaldo hitting the winning spot-kick at San Siro after a 1-1 draw.

Villarreal vs Liverpool

Liverpool are looking to reach their first European final since 2007 when they play Villarreal in the Europa League semi-final first leg on Thursday night.

Jurgen Klopp's side travel to El Madrigal, but the German has not won a UEFA game in Spain before. He will be looking to put that record straight to try and lead Liverpool to the Europa League title in Basel.

Meanwhile, Villarreal head coach Marcelino can boast about his side's very strong home record throughout their Europa League campaign. 'The Yellow Submarine' have won every game in Europe at El Madrigal, conceding just one goal.

Who will win this match?

Here are data for the event chart:

28. Apr. 2016,  9:05pm, Villarreal, Spain, ASC=12Sco19

2 minutes before the match I left this my prediction on “Astrodienst”  forum:
As Villarreal’s home kit is yellow, using color method I would assign them DSC and ruler Venus. (For Zodiacal Planets and Color please visit this page: I saw on UEFA site that Liverpool will play in their home kit which is red color, so that fits with Scirpio on ASC and ruler Mars. The Moon is in Capricorn sign and its ruler is retrograde which usually leads to draw result  if we do not have any other strong testimony, but here we have!! That is Moon’s opposition with POF (within next 5 degrees) which is a strong testimony of the DSC team's victory! So, I expect that Villarreal will win!

After the match

On 28. Apr. 2016. after the  match, at the website you could read the following:

Villarreal stole a victory with the last kick of the game against Liverpool as they prevailed 1-0 in the first leg of their UEFA Europa League semi-final match at El Madrigal in a dull affair in Spain on Thursday.

Real Madrid vs Roma

Real Madrid CF host AS Roma in the second leg of their UEFA Champions League round of 16 tie in pole position to reach the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals for the sixth season in a row, and end a long losing streak against Italian opponents.
Their previous match took place on 17.02.2016 resulting in a 0:2 victory in favour of Real Madrid.  With a 2 goal deficit, Luciano Spalletti's men face a nearly insurmountable task, overcoming that deficit on the road against one of the strongest teams in the world.

Who will be the winner in this match: Real Madrid or Roma?

Chart Data: 8. Mar. 2016. 8:45pm, Madrid, Spain, ASC=7Li34

This is my prediction that I post in a horary section of the  FORUM.HR - forum 8 days before the match:

As Real's sport kit is white, ASC  ruler Venus represents them. Roma is therefore represented with DSC ruler Mars. If we look dignities they do not differ too much and with Combust Moon and its retrograde dispositor we can expect draw result. But with that POF near ASC and the fact that Venus is in House of Joy it is more likely that Real Madrid will win!

After the match

On 8. Mar. 2016. after the  match, at the website you could read the following:

Real Madrid moved through to the last eight of the UEFA Champions League with a 2-0 home win over AS Roma, giving them a 4-0 aggregate victory.


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